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MELLORIIINE!~♫ メロリイン ♥♥ Oooy! I'm an italian fangirl known as Lù, Potato or Kyaptein ヾ(*д*)ノ゛ I'm 20 and I'm hopelessy in love with Sanji-kun japanese culture (‘’●) I'm studying Japanese in university and I'm a cosplayer too (>v<) I love Sanji-kun, One Piece, pastel colours, potato chips, cute things, giant hugs, manga\anime, videogames, books, pizza, nail art, school uniforms, korean dresses, technology, my friends and so many other things (´ε` ) I'm glad Eichiro Oda created such a wonderful thing as ONE PIECE! ♥ Thank you for making us laugh and cry, Oda-sensei! (┰ω┰)
I'm glad to meet you all! (/°Д°)/♡♫
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Something there (愛の芽生え) - Fumiko Orikasa and Morita Masakazu

We have each other..to rely on.

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